3 Things You need to do before selling your Mac . 3 choses que vous devez faire avant de vendre votre Mac


Are you the one who wish to sell your Mac or replace your current Mac laptop? Then this article seems to be absolutely informative as it let you know what should be done before selling your Mac. It is seen that the owner of Mac generally regrets the loss of personal data. This is because they do not know information that is being covered in this article. In order to make sure that you get all your personal data safe and secure, extra efforts have been put in this article.

Have a look at the three major methods that ensure complete backup of personal data. So, do read the paragraph below to get an overall view of the main idea of the article.

1 . Back up Important or Useful data for your Mac

Using the Mac backup you can transfer important data from current Mac to new Mac using simple steps that are given below.

  • Before selling it, firstly transfer all the data from your current Mac to other another Mac or device for Transfer all the important files, documents, pictures and another form of data to some other Mac or computer system.
  • Sign out from everything in order to avoid complications.
  • Once the Mac data is successfully backed and sign out, erase everything just by reformatting hard drive.
  • Now all you have to do is reinstall Mac operating system.

2 . Completely Delete anything from Mac With SafeWiper for Disk

The files and documents that are moved to trash, the files are not deleted permanently but can be recovered using data recovery application. So, the SafeWiper for Disk  program helps to clean the sensitive data from physical as well as logical drive.

Follow the steps given below


  • Now carefully select documents and files you wish to wipe out.

  • Now wipe all the Mac data by clicking on the start wiping button.

3 . Sign out from iCloud on Mac

Deactivate account from iCloud and de-licensing from third-party devices and sign out from iCloud using the following steps

  • Firstly launch system preference and Select its dock.
  • Now click on the iCloud preference windowpane.
  • Make sure the back to My Mac option is unchecked.
  • Carefully sign out from the iCloud windowpane, from all messages.

All the above-mentioned methods are best proven and are highly trustworthy. So, you can opt any of the methods and back up all the personal data from your current Mac laptop.


Many times the individual does not know the exact solution to the problem that means how to backup precious data from the old Mac to new Mac, there are a lot of effective ways about how to backup data for Mac on Google . and the above methods are described in simple and easy steps so that user can delete anything from Mac , no one can restore data back from your Mac since it is a professional data eraser tool for Android / iPhone / Mac user , keep in mind , it’s important to erase data from your Mac , because it involves your privacy unless you’re willing to share your privacy with others , of course , i am sure The SafeWiper can be a good helper if you are just trying to clean up data or junk files from Mac .

This is SafeWiper Official site so that you can get more information about how to delete data from Mac or other device .Once you have done all these of these things , you can be bold enough to sell your Mac .


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